The Secret to Keeping Snow Off Your Dogs Paws

I’ve written about keeping dogs warm in the winter and about buying a sweater for your dog, but I haven’t written about one of the most important things, keeping your dogs paws warm and snow free when walking in the snow.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Dog booties.  We have tried a lot of different types and a lot of different brands.  The ones that stay on the best are ones we bought were flourescent orange hunting ones we bought at Cabelas.  (We used them not just for hiking in the snow but for also covering injured paws that we didn’t want the dog to chew on.  That worked until Chase chewed through one …)  Some booties are just for warmth and some also have traction.  The higher up on the leg they come, the more likely they will stay on.
  • Medical tape.  This is my favorite. I just wrap medical tape around their paws.  This works really well when it’s not too cold but you have a dog with long hair that is always catching snow and forming icicles between her toes.
  • Trim the hair.  You can trim the hair between the main center pad and the toes, but not between the toes.  This will help cut down on icicles.  If your dog does get snow balls, let them melt, don’t try to pull them off or cut them off.  (I ended up cutting my dog trying to do that on one snowshoeing trip.)
  • Vaseline can help sooth paws already irritated by the snow and it can also help prevent snow build up if you put it on before you go out.

Any other tips to share with us?

Photo by nuanc.

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