Here’s a quick way to get rid of ticks


A few summers ago I was hiking the Appalachian Trail with my dog Teddy (and my dad) and by the second day Teddy was covered in ticks.  I would count them every night as I tried to pull them all off of her and there were over 20 a day and I’m sure I didn’t get them all. 

About day six we stopped at a little convenience store and the lady working there was so nice.  Her sister was a vet and she kept a supply of Frontline just for all of us backpackers with dogs.  She took one little tube, squirted it on Teddy’s back and it’s like the ticks just fell off.  That night I couldn’t find a single tick and I didn’t see another one for the entire trip! 

I started wondering if it would be ok to use one of the Frontline tubes on myself … oh, to be tick free!

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