How do you get your dog to swallow a pill?

Dogs don’t like pills.  My dog Teddy will sit in front of you and beg for for a pill.  When you give her the pill, she’ll hold it for a second on her tongue and then gently spit it up onto the floor.  You can pick up the pill and give it back to her and she’ll repeat the whole process.  You can do that for as long as you want!

But what if you just want her to swallow the pill?  My favorite trick is to take a piece of cream cheese and roll it around the pill.  All of our dogs swallow the cream cheese without a second thought.

There’s also a product called the Pillverizer that will grind the pill up so you can mix it anything.  Before you use this, check with your vet or pharmacist to make sure that grinding the pill won’t affect its qualities.

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