Dogs know what is good for you: exercise with your dog, it’s the best way!

Exercise with your dog – take him or her for lots of walks!  It’s good for you and good for them.  Researchers have determined that people that walk their dogs regularly are happier and healthier than those that go to the gym for exercise. 

The study of more than 1,500 dog owners and gym goers with an average
age of 47 found:

  • The average dog walker trod 676 miles a year – 208 miles than gym
  • Dog owners walked the equivalent distance as Bangkok to London over
    their pet’s lifetime
  • A third of York’s residents were gym members, while 19 per cent had
  • Most dog walkers were likely to stick to their routine, whereas just
    over half of gym goers lost interest after two or three months
  • More than half of gym members reported suffering high stress,
    compared with 35 per cent of dog walkers.

So don’t forget to take your dog for a walk today!  (As if you could forget when they sit in front of you for hours with the leash in their mouth!)

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