Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass?  While there’s a lot of theories, I think the basic answer is "because they like it."  Our dogs will eat not only grass but also wood and rawhide and anything else edible that happens to be lying around. 

Some of the theories on why dogs eat grass (other than because they like it) are:

  • To aid in digestion
  • To provide roughage. Wolves and coyotes eat the whole animal not just the meat so the theory is, dogs might need something more than dog food.)
  • To vomit.  Since many dogs throw up after eat grass, the theory is maybe they ate the grass to throw up.  (Why do dogs throw up after they eat grass?  They throw up because grass is not very digestible.)
  • Because they like it. 🙂

The short answer is we don’t really know why dogs eat grass but I think they do it because they like to eat and the grass is available.

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