Dogs and Babies

Caleb and Chase enjoying a nap together

A friend of mine’s granddaughter was just bitten by the family’s chocolate lab.  The baby was trying to grab her toy back from the dog.

While I think this picture is adorable, I don’t think Chase is sharing a pillow with Caleb because he loves him.  Don’t get me wrong – Chase is an extremely tolerant dog.  He let our six year old crawl all over him, shoot him with nerf balls and scream at him.  However, I think Chase is more concerned about using the pillow and getting close to me than he is about hanging out with the baby.  Some of the reasons I think this:

  • Chase uses the pillow when Caleb isn’t there.
  • Chase is always trying to climb into my lap, baby or no baby.

So as good as Chase has been with kids in the past, I think there’s a much better chance he’s jealous of the baby than he loves the baby, so I don’t leave them alone together.

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