Dog Years: How old is your dog?

I learned something today about how to figure a dog’s age from All The Best Dog Stuff:

The old rule — multiplying a dog’s age by 7 to find the equivalent human age — is fallacious. A dog is able to reproduce at 1 year and has reached full growth by 2 years. To calculate a dog’s age in human terms, count the first year at 15, the second year as 10, and each year after that as 5.

So that means that my 9 year old dog is 60 human years old. 

15 (1st year) + 10 (2nd year) + (5 * 7 (the rest)) = 60

Since I was figuring she was 63, it’s not that big of a difference for her. However for a two year old dog … you should expect them to be about 25, not 14!  That’s a big difference.

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